Unique Pricing Plans.

We have simplified marketing down to 4 easy-to-understand packages. Each of these are then custom tailored to your unique business. Goals and dreams are established and we go to work building those goals for you.

Local Package

$ 499 / Month
+ Ad Spend upto $1k/month
  • TechReviews and TechSync for 1 location
  • Google Ads Management - narrow targeting
  • FB Ads Management - narrow targeting
  • TechDash - view all of these in real time, results from increased GMB, etc

Value Package

$ 1449 / Month
+ Ad Spend upto $3k/month
  • LOCAL + 1 more location or user
  • Google Ads - mid targeting, 2 campaigns
  • FB Ads - mid targeting
  • TechDash - view all of these in real time
  • Dedicated account manager to send report each month

Excessive Package

$ 2999 / Month
+ Ad Spend upto $10k/month
  • Local + 2 more locations or users
  • Google Ads - boutique location targeting - more services and higher funnel searches
  • FB Ads - FB Marketing plan tied into Google Ads and overall practice strategy - more services and higher funnel searches
  • TechDash - view all of these in real time
  • Bi-monthly calls with a dedicated account manager for in-depth strategy sessions and monthly progress reports.

Stoopid package (for those who want more):

Are you a hospital group or multinational organization? Does the idea of spending $15k/mo in Ads seem low? Our team can handle ANYTHING from regional marketing plans to international…whatevers. Set up a call to discuss your custom needs.

But wait, I thought I read that you guys do everything, these packages only list digital services.

Great catch! It’s true, digital is our specialty but we do handle ALL aspects of marketing. These add-ons don’t fall into the above offerings because they have to be quoted specifically for your business needs.

Add-ons Include

TV/Video production, billboard negotiation and design, voice over and radio format, blog creation and content leasing. Prices vary based on each clients’ needs.

For example:
A yogurt shop may want 1 billboard at the end of the road to reinforce their message…we can do that.

The multi-location orthopedic surgeon group may want 30 billboards that rotate their message monthly, scattered around town to build their brand and grow their practice…we can do that too.

Lastly, the hospital groups we’ve worked with have aspirations of going multinational. Their 1000 billboards across the US have built their brand to the point that they’re expanding to Canada and they want to start running TV and Digital Video spots to begin the foundation of their 100 year plan for expansion. Epic goals, I know, but we can help there as well.


We have and will continue to support all of these businesses. Call us today to discuss your particular needs!