Tech Snake

The Comprehensive Local Marketing Solution

Strategic Planning and End-to-End digital marketing

Local marketing

Our marketing strategy is to get businesses to reach potential customers that live within a certain distance of their business's location...simple as that. Easy to say, not so easy to do. Our team of Ex-Googlers and Brilliant Designers has unlocked the key to getting you the best results. TechSanke is an End-toEnd marketing tool that covers your entire digital footprint, optimizes it and applies your message at the right time.

Growing together

A partnership with TechSnake increases your value by offering end to end local marketing solutions, we cover 90% of the internet with our reach and can get you all the business you need. Our solutions grow as you grow, start small and scale our services as you grow yours. Does this sound like your organization? Is this a concept that you would like to explore? Each solution, at its core, is simple but each of our partnerships is different. We can tailor our offerings to fit your needs, give us a call today to discuss how TechSnake Local Marketing can benefit your organization.

What we offer

Marketing is the type of business that is easy to start but difficult to master. You can’t jeopardize your company’s
name and reputation with just any company. TechSnake has 15 years of Digital Marketing experience. Our team of Ex-Googlers and Brilliant Designers is curated from the best minds in our industry from across the country.
We have the knowledge, experience and staying power to represent organizations of any size.

Our team cares about your success

A partnership with TechSnake comes with strategy calls to position our services in ways that best benefit your clients. In addition, we will create custom landing pages on our site for your services, this will be an in-depth discovery process for us to optimally recommend your products to our vast network of clients.

Our Marketing Process and methodology

We interview each potential client and conduct a discovery call to tailor advertising with the practice’s business goals.

All of this is done as an extension of your organization, everything has your branding, etc.

We have simplified the on-boarding process but this simplification does not take away any of the

We have broken down the complex world of marketing into 4 easy-to-understand offerings for your clients. This simple approach covers every possible marketing need while making things simple to understand for your clients.